This picture represents just about everything that could be done wrong in the assembly of a Chrysler V8 valve train. Chrysler V8 engines use two different stamped steel rocker arms, mounted on a common shaft. Normally, each pair of valves has a left and right rocker arm, with the sequence for each head being L-R-L-R-L-R-L-R. In this photo, you can see that all the rocker arms are left-hand. The other head has all the right-hand rocker arms installed on it. Not only was the mechanic who performed this work clueless as to the correct way of installing the arms, but he installed all the left-hand rocker arms on the right head and the right-hand arms on the left head. To make matters worse, the rocker shaft on this head is mounted up-side down with the oil holes facing up. This is most likely the reason for the failure of the rocker arm in the center of the photo.

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