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440 Engine History

The Chrysler 'B' engine series began production in 1958 with a 350 cubic inch block. It was modified through the years to displacements of 361, 383 and 400 cubic inches. In 1958 a version of the 'B' engine was introduced with a raised deck block, giving it a longer piston stroke. This engine was known as the 'RB' and was initially introduced at 383 cubic inches. Later, the displacement was increased to 413 and 426 cubic inches and in 1966 was again increased to 440 cubic inches. The 440 remained the largest passenger car version of the big Chrysler V8's until production ended in 1978.

Chrysler Big Block Engine Chart

350    8   v90 58     4.06  3.38  B  One year only
361    8   v90 58-66  4.12  3.38  B
383    8   v90 59-71  4.25  3.38  B  better known 383, (383.596 CID)
383    8   v90 58-60  4.03  3.75  RB Actually 382.667 CID
400    8   v90 71-78  4.34  3.38  B
413    8   v90 59-73  4.18  3.75  RB
426    8   v90 63-66  4.25  3.75  RB Wedge
426    8   v90 64-71  4.25  3.75  HEMI
440    8   v90 66-78  4.32  3.75  RB
-RB is raised deck version of B with longer stroke, bigger mains.
-Hemi block is based on RB, but not interchangable (cross-bolted
 mains, different head mounting bolt pattern, etc).
-All OHV, including Hemi.
-75 and earlier are thick wall castings, (up to .060 overbore)
-76 and later are thin wall castings (up to .020 overbore)
(Chart courtesy of the members of the Mopar Mailing List and Andre Roy)

440 engines found their home under many of Chrysler's large luxo-cruisers, such as New Yorkers and Imperials. But, they also powered some of the most memorable performance cars of the 60's and 70's. The durability of the B/RB engines and the simplicity of their design have kept them in the performance spotlight long after their production ceased.

Durring its production life, the 440 saw few major changes. One that is worth noting is the "440 Six Pack" that was offered in 1969-71. This engine is distinguished by the three Holley 2-barrel carburators that fed the fuel into a special intake manifold. Besides the tri-carb induction system, the 440-6 used heavier components throughout the engine to help it provide the additional power.

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